Pringle Bay Baboon Information Officer (BIO) – Pilot Programme

The Pringle Bay BIO Programme

KVET’s Pringle Bay Baboon Information Officer (PB BIO) Programme is designed to lessen human/baboon conflict, protect both wildlife and property, and raise awareness of what it means to
live in and around a biosphere.

KVET will hire and train Baboon Information Officers (BIOs) who will be stationed in and around the Pringle Bay CBD. During the pilot these BIOs will also receive training from various
experienced organisations and persons.

BIO tasks will be as follows:
● to assist the businesses by way of warning signals (whistles) if baboons enter the CBD.
● to assist shoppers to and from their cars with their grocery bags.
● to alert the general public when baboons are in the area.
● to educate the general public about baboon behaviour.
● to maintain a baboon free zone in the CBD for as much as is possible using “Humane. Not.
Pain” tactics.

The BIO’s will in no way interfere with the current baboon management programme. KVET’s PB BIOs are a resident-led initiative to supplement existing programmes.

View: Letter to Businesses

UPDATE 29 June 2023


KVET is happy to announce that the PILOT BIO PROGRAM which began just before the busy Easter weekend of April 2023 will be extended by a further 3 months (July to September).

A KVET presence will also extend to Betty’s Bay in due course.

The BIO PROGRAM was initiated in the Pringle Bay CBD area to ensure that baboons would not linger in the business district whilst passing through to their various natural foraging sites.

Residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors have all been assisted with the SHOPPING BAG INITIATIVE. This is a preventative measure against “visible food” for the baboons. Education regarding human derived food and the baboons has been a top priority and the BIO’s have handed out over 1000 black canvas bags and education pamphlets over the last 3 months. KVET would like to thank the communities in Pringle Bay and Betty’s Bay for the donations of these bags without which the program would have not been as successful.

We have been complimented on how the program has created a much calmer atmosphere in the CBD and KVET has observed a greater awareness and mindfulness of the Pringle Bay residents.

We would like to thank our residents who have responded so positively to the efforts of KVET and our dedicated BIOs in the CBD. We aim to continue providing this service in the CBD so that our residents and visitors remain relaxed whilst shopping, food attractants are removed and the baboons are encouraged to stay outside of the CBD area.
UPDATE 31 July 2023
KVET is happy to announce that as of 1 August, we will be initiating a pilot BIO PROJECT for the Betty’s Bay troop.

This is an extension of the KVET BIO program which has been successful in the CBD area of Pringle Bay.

This 1st phase of the Betty’s Bay / Kleinmond project will be for observation purposes only.
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