Programmes & Services

Programmes & Services

Biodiversity refers to all levels of life on earth from humans to tiny organisms and every form of life plays an important role in maintaining a diverse and healthy planet.  The Chacma Baboon of the Western Cape “have been in the fynbos ecosystem for two million years and have been a major population in terms of biomass. One can confidently say that if they are removed, it is 100 percent sure to have an effect on the fynbos. Baboons play a significant role in plant dispersal and reproduction.” (Dave Gaynor, Primatologist)

At KVET, our primary focus is on the protection and preservation of the various baboon troops in the villages that have seen a rise in human/baboon conflict due to the rapid expansion of urban development in recent years. The survival of our baboons along with that of other species is at threat as the growing human population continues to appropriate an area where baboons existed prior to the conservation of the land for urban development.

To this end, KVET would like to offer an alternative baboon management programme to that which has been employed previously; one that utilises more humane methods that are more aligned with best practices prescribed by national and international protocols, and one that will protect both the baboons and residents of the villages alike.

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